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KANAL Collection

KANAL–Centre Pompidou

The future museum of modern and contemporary art, KANAL-Centre Pompidou, aims to introduce the artists whose artworks have been acquired to a broad audience. The KANAL Collection series gives an insight in the creative worlds of these artists and a deeper understanding of their artistic vision and practice.

Sophie Whettnall

It was important to remain close to the artists throughout the portrait-making process, in order to accurately capture their individual perspectives and styles. This approach involved a high level of collaboration with the artists themselves, as well as with the museum's team, to ensure that the final portraits were a true representation of the artists and their work.

The video series includes Ariane Loze, Ana Torfs, Sophie Whettnall, Aline Bouvy, Raffaella Crispino, and many others.

Ariane Loze

KANAL Raffaella Crispino 2
KANAL Maarten van den Eynden 2
KANAL Ariane Loze 1
KANAL Lazara Rosell Albear 1
KANAL Manon De Boer 2