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KANAL Collection

KANAL–Centre Pompidou

The future museum of modern and contemporary art, KANAL-Centre Pompidou, aims to introduce the artists whose artworks have been acquired to a broad audience. The KANAL Collection series gives an insight in the creative worlds of these artists and a deeper understanding of their artistic vision and practice.

Sophie Whettnall

It was important to remain close to the artists throughout the portrait-making process, in order to accurately capture their individual perspectives and styles. This approach involved a high level of collaboration with the artists themselves, as well as with the museum's team, to ensure that the final portraits were a true representation of the artists and their work.

The video series includes Ariane Loze, Ana Torfs, Sophie Whettnall, Aline Bouvy, Raffaella Crispino, and many others.

Eric Van Hove

KANAL Manon De Boer 1
KANAL Raffaella Crispino 2
KANAL Maarten van den Eynden 2
KANAL Leonard pongo 2
KANAL Lazara Rosell Albear 1
KANAL Julien Meert 2 4 5