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Wind Symphony

Casco Phil

At the convergence of art, science, and industry, CASCO Phil, in collaboration with the University of Antwerp, energy company Vleemo, and the Port of Antwerp, presented an innovative project.

We harnessed the air currents above the docks to compose a unique piece of music, utilizing an algorithm developed by the University of Antwerp. The power of the wind and the movement of windmills were translated into a playable score. The musicians of CASCO Phil brought this score to life on-site, creating an immersive experience at Zaha Hadid's Port House Antwerp.

Eyes-Screen was responsible for visualizing the whole concept, by translating the data into musical notes and adding compelling images of the port.

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Live performance

On June 14th, CASCO Phil performed the Wind Symphony at the Port House of Antwerp for an audience of +200 invited guests. The video was shown on a big screen, behind the orchestra, and we were additionally tasked with covering the entire performance. The following day, the video recording was broadcast in its entirety on television, commemorating the Global Wind Day.

BTS Wind Symphony 1
BTS Wind Symphony 2
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