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Exploring Gevaert's Iconic Photo Paper

FOMU - Fotomuseum Antwerpen

For FOMU Antwerp, we delved into the world of Gevaert's photographic paper. Gevaert was once a leader in the field of photographic paper, having an immeasurable impact on the photography industry—a fact that too few people are aware of.

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FOMU and Gevaert are inextricably linked. Recently, the photographic archives of Gevaert have found a home in the museum.

We were tasked with outlining the story of Gevaert and its exceptional photographic papers in a short documentary. This project took us from Mortsel to New York.

We had the opportunity to conduct in-depth interviews with Ann Deckers, Head of FOMU Collection; FOMU curator Pamela Peeters; former Gevaert employee Paul Witters; and American contemporary visual artist Alison Rossiter.

Portraying Alison Rossiter

Our encounter with Alison Rossiter in New York was particularly inspiring. As a photographer who works without a camera, Alison offered us a fascinating glimpse into her artistic practice. This meeting inspired us to create a separate portrait focusing on Alison and her innovative approach to photography.

Both the portrait of Alison Rossiter and the Gevaert documentary are now on view in the exhibition 'Outdated Paper? Photographic Papers from the Gevaert Archive.'

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